i refuse to sink

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cici and adam :)  

Her: https://twitter.com/AmyLovelyC_

Can I ask for something like this?

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On this beautiful day my boyfriend told the cops he had no idea who i was when we got caught smoking weed and saved me from getting introuble and took the blame, this is what a stoners girlfriend calls love . we never been accepted by most people cause he left his gf for me . but we fell in love as bestfriends, no flirting , no intentions of being together but endless talks about nothing to 6 a.m became our favorite.He fell for a girl who would make the ugliest faces to make him laugh and weird voices cause he secretly enjoyed them. she fell for a guy who was incredibly funny & weird. our relationship is far from perfect and people may not like it but i do love him and as long as he’s happy so am i . 

indie couple | Tumblr   (clipped to polyvore.com)